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The picture is of me and Roscoe, one of the terrorists. The other terrorist, Sprocket, doesn’t go on “long” walks because he has a bad back. He is old and has something called arthritis. I hope I never get this because I love my walks and my dog park play time. The handsome dog on the left is named Takoda, he is my boy friend, well, one of them. He belongs to Rachel who comes and takes of for walks some times when out human is at work.

Yesterday was my humans birthday. I always have wondered why they make such a big deal about birthdays when they have so many of them!!! Most humans have at least 70 or 80 if not more, when most of us dogs only have about 12 or so. So the real celebrations should be when we have our birthdays.


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Rats are avid readers

It seems as if my blog is mainly being read by rats!!!! That is amazing, so I must thank my little friends for well, uh, making me almost famous!!! I hope you can tell all you rat friends about me, maybe they will have some dog friends to tell. Cuz it would be nice to also had a dog readership, since I am well, a dog. It might get a little embarrassing if only rats were to read my blog.

There is some good news to report in the state of Illinois. Us pit bills and the entire animal-loving community is extremely grateful to Rep. Jerry Mitchell and Sen. William Haine for sponsoring a very important public and animal safety bill that will prevent dogs from being used as weapons. The innovative law took effect January 1, 2007. Join the ASPCA in saying thank you!

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Rats are people too!

I have to acknowledge that my first comments are from rats!!!! How cool is that! These are not just any rats either, they are incredibly intelligent rats with PHD’s!! Or their human has one, which means they do too since I am sure there was alot of combined discussions, study time, and paper shredding, um I mean writing.

Anyhow, my human, the fragile thing that she is, used to have pet rats too! This was before I came to live with her. But she talks about them all the time, Fez, Neo, Francis, Jack and DunDun. She loved them very much.

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Dogs Not Allowed in Alta Utah

My human is selling her house. Not because she wants to, she is going through a divorce. Which means we will all be moving to a new home soon. I sure hope that she doesn’t decide to move to Alta, Utah. She is a big skier and lived in Tahoe City for 10 years. But if she moves to Alta she will not be able to have any dogs!!!! Can you believe this? You should definitely read about this dog limit, those poor humans. Who could survive without a K-9 friend or two to snuggle up with especially on a cold night in Utah!

Last night we all watched American Idol on the TV. The terrorists slept though the whole thing, however I quite liked some of the crooning and yelping that came out of the TV box. I think they should allow dogs into the competition, there would be quite a few of us with the gold ticket going to Hollywood. Especially after hearing some of those human voices. They were not meant to sing, dogs however have a wonderful range and our voices can be so endearing. The only drawback is articulating the words properly. *sigh* (do dogs sigh?)

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Dog begins Blog

Yes, I am a Pit Bull. Sometimes we have a “bad rap”, however I am here to help change that and to talk about me. Yes, me, and perhaps my human and k-9 room mates, who are not pit bulls. They are terriers, or as I like to call them, terrorists.

I came to live with my human almost a year ago. She brought me home from Paw’d Squad Rescue, who found me on the streets of South Central Los Angeles (not a nice place). My human had recently lost her puppy, um I mean daughter named Nat, and before she died she had wanted to adopt a pink pit bull puppy and name it Daisy. My human decided to do so, fortunately for me, even though it was a sad time in her life. So here I am. And not only am I a lovely shade of pink, but I have the outstanding trait of a “Dudley Nose“.

Yesterday was this puppy’s, um I mean Nat’s, birthday, she would have been 22 years old! My human celebrated by going out to eat raw fish, sushi it is called, she took the rest of the litter with her, um I mean siblings. I think it made her feel better, as they all came back feeling very happy. The terrorists think it might have been something called Saki that helps with the mood. Since they, the terrorists, have been around quite a bit longer than I have, I sometimes have to defer to their wealth of knowledge , even though I hate doing it. Pit Bulls are proud, but not stupid and I have alot to learn.

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