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The other woman

So to speak, I was going to say bitch because that is what she is! Now look at her, then look at my pretty face, Dudley nose, pink lips, pretty white coat with strategically placed spots, who could resist that! Well I might have to have a little talk to my boyfriend!

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There has been talk that Takoda, my boyfriend, might have another girlfriend. Whats that about. I heard she is a Boston Terrier. I am much more beautiful than a Boston Terrier!!!! I think her name is Harriet, Daisy is a much prettier name than Harriet. They have smashed noses, and look like they need plastic surgery! Oh, Rachel my friend who walks me knows someone that Harriet could go to!

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New House

Well today I found out about our new house. Mom was gone all morning, and it is her day off so she is supposed to take us for a walkies. We knew something was up. She was at our new house. It is only a block away! Which means we can have lots of the same smells on our walks, which is good. Don’t want to have to mark up a whole new neighborhood! Although Roscoe does, he likes to do that!

Well looks like we are going to have a yard with grass now! Which is really good, cuz I never have had grass. Mom doesn’t have grass, and the rescue I came from was in Venice beach, no grass there either. I hope I don’t eat too much of it. But I have heard that it feels good to roll around it!

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Mom has been doing a lot of packing recently. There are boxes everywhere. I am sure glad she has not been packing up my toys and bed. I hope she isn’t moving with out us! But she would never leave us, she loves us too much.

Friday mom took me to a place called I Dig my Dog, and I got to sit, lay, come and leave it all with lots of treats involved. I guess I am getting trained! I’m so smart though, I really don’t need to be trained.

All of this activity makes me sleepy.

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This is me and my boyfriend takoda. I love him. We go on walks together 3 times a week.

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