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The Circus

Mom put up a bird feeder in the front yard so that the pretty little birdies would come have some some snacks and she could sit in her Adirondack chair on the porch and watch them. But last night a squirrel came and was practicing his circus act for us! Roscoe was going to bark, but decided he was too funny so laughed instead!

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Told you so!

I knew that I could talk from the very beginng, but now everyone knows thanks to the MSNBC tell all! Mom showed it to me, she always wishes that I could talk to her with human words. I just tell her back in dog language that I love her!

….Human vocabulary may elude our pets, but they all communicate in consistent ways. By learning to read their tails, ears, fur and vocalizations, we can become fluent in such foreign tongues as Siamese and Persian, Pekingese and Bernese.

Look at tail wags. In a study with the less-than-riveting title “Asymmetric tail-wagging responses by dogs to different emotive stimuli,” Italian scientists observed that dogs’ tails wag more to the right when they feel positive about a person or situation.

That’s intriguing because it reflects research in humans showing that the left brain, which controls the right side of the body, is associated with such feelings and emotions as affection, security and relaxation….

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Dog Days

Mom was saying that it is almost the dog days of summer. I wondered what that meant? Well it has to do with when the Dog Star Sirius appears in the sky. I just thought it had something to do with hot dogs! Silly me.

Someone put a bow on my butt! I think that they thought I might make a good present. But I would just like someone to take it off, please!

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Good Food!

Ever since all the pet food recall problems mom has been busy cooking in the kitchen. We still get our crunchy food but now instead of the mushy stuff that comes out of a can, we get stuff that is cooked on the stove and smells delicous! It is usually either chicken or burger with some rice and carrots, which mom mixes into the crunchy food. I would personally like just the cooked food, but im just a dog.

Anyway becuase of the recall we are trying (us we dogs and cats too) to pass a Pet Food Safety Act. If you could click the link and support the Human and Pet Food Safety Act (H.R. 2108)we would think your cool!!

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We’re Back

We are back now after being on a short hiatus! We are living in our new house which has a yard with grass, and balls and toys. I like the back yard it even has this automatic sprinkler system that waters you if you don’t watch out! I thought I took care of it by chewing some wires I found, but mom got her friend to fix it, so now it waters again. She seems happy about it, but I am not.

This is a picture of me and Roscoe, we went for a walk on the Mt Wilson Trail and saw all kinds of cool things like lizards and deer.

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