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On Sunday me and mom got up very early and went for a ride. We went to a place called the Rose Bowl. It was very exciting because we were going to do the Wiggle Waggle Walk!

Thanks to all our friends, mom and I raised $615.00! That’s a lot of scooby snacks! But we didn’t use the money for treats, we donated it to the Pasadena Humane Society so that they could use it to rescue dogs and cats and other animals that need forever homes.

Any how there were so many other doggies at the walk that I was very nervous, I even growled some, but not because I was mad, because I was nervous. I have never seen so many different dogs! There were big ones, and little ones and hairy ones and ones with no hair at all. Some were wearing clothes, sweaters, and jackets and hats! I was wearing a scarf, but almost everyone was wearing a scarf. But I did notice there were not very many pit bulls there, and there were NO pretty pink ones like me.
I did meet a new friend named Bruin, she was very nice, but I am not sure that she liked me very much. Maybe I can see her again soon.

Well we want to tell everyone that next year we are going to raise even more money! Thank you if you sposored us. And if you didn’t maybe next year you can!

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