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Sun Bath

Sometimes I like to take a sun bath. Its not a real bath with water. It is when it has been cold outside for many days, then all of a sudden it is warm. I will sit in the sun and have a sun bath. Sometimes I even fall asleep. Today I am having a sun bath.

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I’m Baaack

Hello everyone! I know it has been a long time since I have written to all of you. I just don’t know what happened! I have been busy, playing ball, going on walks, being good, and sometimes being naughty!

I have to tell you about my new favorite treats. They are chicken strips. Mom says they are chicken jerky, I love them. So does Roscoe. But Sprocket can’t have any, becuase he chokes on them, he forgets to chew, so he has to stick with little crunchy bones. They are also very healthy, because they don’t have alot of fat! This is a picture of me being very good, so that I can get my favorite treat!

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