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Red Ball

My red ball is my favorite toy.  It is also called a Kong Ball and a ball ball.  I have several of them in various stages of chewedness.  Last week I got a new one so now I have 4.  I play with all of them, but lately I have really liked the bounciness of the new ball.  I just hope it doesn’t bounce over the fence, I have lost several red balls in this matter, they bounce over the fence never to be seen again.  Once one bounced over the house and rolled down the street and momma couldn’t catch it before it rolled into a drain never to be seen again.  This is why it is a very good idea to have several in case one decides to bounce away.

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Wordless Wednesday

Can we come in now?  We are done being rascally!

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Oh oh!

Well looks like Roscoe either got an agent, was in the movies all along, or Dennis’s dada is giving him computer lessons.  I hope he doesn’t get famous and move to Holly wood, cuz then I would be lonely.   

By the way he cant be the Beverly Hills Chihuahua cuz he is a mixed up dog, with Jack Russell’s and corgis like Checkers too!

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Hanging Out

I has just been hanging out here at home with mom, she has to go back to work on Monday so I won’t be hanging out anymore I will be back to my usual adventures.  She doesn’t know it but when she is at work sometime Roscoe and I have parties in the back yard!!! 

It’s hard for other dogs to join us, since there is the gate and fence and stuff, but we get mice, birds, neighbor hood kitties  and squirrels, although Roscoe gets mad and chases them when they beat him at cards. Sometimes the sleepy raccoons will join us, they are really good at blackjack, so we try and not wake them up! 

The kitties are sometimes kinda snobby,  since they can jump over the fence.  I also sometimes worry about how they look at the mice and birds,  although Mr. Jay sure put the big fat orange cat that lives next door into his place once!

Roscoe is worried hanging out with “the wildlife” will ruin his reputation and he will never get to Hollywood, don’t tell him, but he probably never will……

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A Flying Dog

Mom says I remind her of some one called Sister Bertrill.  I don’t know who the heck that is but apparently she can fly and used to have her own television show! I was hoping maybe when those agents come to interview Roscoe they might discover me, but (shh don’t tell Roscoe) i don’t think they are ever coming.

She says when my ears are just right……………………………………….I could just take off!

Well I don’t get it but what ever mom thinks is ok, as long as she doen’t start thinking about not giving us snackies.  Oh by the way Dennis and friends have been rescued, we are very happy about that!

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We is Worried

Looking for Dennis in the Mojave Dessert

We were a bit worried about mom, but now that she seems to be feeling better except a big cast on her hand,  we are VERY worried about Dennis, Tucker and Trixie!  It seems that, that very bad cat Trouble who likes to purr, has done some dastardly deeds! So Roscoe and I are going to go try and rescue Dennis, and we are hoping when Dennis is rescued he can use his expert tracking skills, like he did with the kong , to find them.  We may need some help, if there are ant volunteers for this mission just sign up below.  Be fore warned that we may encounter some awful villans and may have to take that cat Trouble hostage!

Still looking, no Dennis but we did discover this implement of torture, and an old kong ball! Oh, dear!

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Asleep Again!

Roscoe here! As you can see Daisy is asleep again! Shhhh. I don’t want her to know that I have hijacked her blog.  She doesn’t like it, and calls me Rascally!! 

Anyway I wanted you to know that moms is having surgery tomorrow.  I wasn’t sure what surgery was, but she is having her finger fixed. The one that Sprocket bit.  She got a bone infection and now it is bent, so they are gonna fix it.  She says that Daisy may not be able to blog for a while since Daisy doesn’ know how to turn on the computer, and moms hand will be in a cast! 

I hope she can still give us treats!

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