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The Nowzad Dogs

My new friend Ben over at Ben the Rottie is raising money for some wonderful rescue dogs.  If you haven’t heard of the Nowzad Dogs and their story go stop over at Ben’s site to read all the story, and if you can make a donation to this cause.  Oh and Mom says bring kleenex, even though it does have a happy ending!


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Well moms laptop did something called crash, and not on the freeway. So she has been trying to give it CPR and move all her files to a new laptop.  I am just a  pit bull so I don’t know about all this except I have not had the opportunity to talk about all the stuff going on, and there is lots!

First Sprocket is doing better and mom will post pictures of his new haircut as soon as she changes the batteries in the smoke alarms that keep chirping and in her camera which are dead. He is hobbling around and bossing us just like he used to. Mom is still a bit worried but very relieved that he is still being a brat. She wanted me to tell you that she appreciates all the prayers and good thoughts. Hugs to all.

Also I go another award from Dannan the brown dog and the Girl!!! Thank you, here it is and I will pass it on very soon.  We love awards, and we love Brown Dogs too!!!

Dozer also gave us an award, but we gave him the same award, so we are happy but confused, but we love Dozer cuz he is our twin and beeeutiful!

Now as for the squirrel patrol.  Well I don’t think poor friend Rusty realizes that mom had befriended all the squirrels in the neighborhood, and they started a circus in our front yard!!  I think if he knew that we wouldn’t have been nominated (shhhh). Anyhow Roscoe and I have captured their antics and are watching them closely in case they decide to infiltrate the house. But we agree with Rusty we should name them! Her are some pictures of the Squirrel Circus!


So mom thinks these guys (girls?) are cute! OMG!  Roscoe of all dogs wont even bark at them, he just laughs…..

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A little Update

Well mom brought Sprocket home yesterday.  He had a very funny haircut!  He now thinks he is a punk rocker. His chest and the back of his neck and parts of his two front legs are all shaved.  Mom wouldn’t let Roscoe and I make fun of him though.

Today mom got all the test results back, the MRI, Magical Reporting Instrument, told us that there were no tumors, or massive strokes but there was inflammation, the spinal tap (ouch) told us there was no infection. So the Doctor Neurologist said that this is all very good. Sprocket had a small stroke and would probably recover almost completely. 

Mom was very happy, and Sprocket is napping.  The only thing mom said is now she can’t get the new tile in the bathroom.  Hmmm, I hope she can still buy us my favorite Chicken strips!

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Thinking Good Thoughts

Early this morning my brother Sprocket started acting very unusual. Well Momma got very worried and started talking about things like strokes and seizures and tumors!  I am not sure what that stuff is but mom sure was worried. 

She took him to our Veterinarian very early before breakfast! Well our doctor, who is very nice and doesn’t serve noodles, called a neurologist, who is a brain doctor,  and mom had to drive to place called Tustin that is behind the Orange curtain (mom says the Orange cutain thing is a So. California thing and there really wasn’t a curtain on the freeways)  to have a bunch of tests. 

One is called an MRI, I think it stands for Magical Reporting Instrument. It will look at Sprockets brain.  There are other tests too.  Anyhow mom came home finally, and told us that Sprocket was going to have a slumber party a the neurologist.  I wonder what kind of snacks this guy serves. 

Hopefully my brother will come home tomorrow. Maybe he will save us some snacks from his sleepover. BTW mom is very worried. Please say a prayer for her, cuz she is freaking me out. Oh, and by the way, Sprocket is the only one in the family who actually looks like he is related to mom……

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Squirrel Patrol!

Our friend Rusty over at Chasing Squirrels with Rusty  gave us an award!!!  It is very beautiful and I just love it!!  Here it is! Hes aid I can also give it to some of my frinds too!  So I would like to give it to:

Dennis – Because he makes my mom laugh out loud every day

Dozer – Cuz he is my twin and I love him

The Dog Fathers – Just becuase they have a new little sister Carmela!

Tuffy – Who is running for President!

We also recieved these very cool certificates which officially make us members of the squirrel patrol which is a very importatnt secret socitey!  We have been given exclusive permission to befriend the squirrels after we are done chasing them.  Which will be nice becuase you can never have enough friends!!!

As you can see Rascally Roscoe also received this certificate.  I think it will placate him so that he doesn’t think about the fact that the invitation to the red carpet opening to Beverly Hills Chihuahua has not yet arrived!  Poor Roscoe.

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Brothers from another Mother

Little Old Sprocket

As you know I have two brothers, Roscoe who sometimes hijacks my blog to promote himself since he wants to be a movie star, and Sprocket, who is kind of old and is technically challenged since he is pretty blind, so he can’t blog.

Sprocket has been going to a place to get something called acupuncture for his arthritis, he has a “hitch in his git along” as some people like to say. Mom says he is going lame.  He has very bad arthritis and can’t take any medicine because it makes him sick, except something called tramadol.  He is also starting to take some new medicine called atiquin shots once a week. Mom is wondering about these shots and if anyone knows about them? 

I can tell mom is very worried about him, she gets mad at me if I try and play with him!  Geee, I just want to cheer him up!!!  I love my two older brothers, even though they don’t look like me!  I wonder why we don’t look alike even though we are brothers?

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A Large Milk Bone

As you can see this is a large Milk Bone.  I am inspecting it very closely, trying to figure out why mom gave this to me, since she knows I like chicken strips the best and do not really care for milk bones unless they are they very small mini bones she gets for Sprocket, but those are for Sprocket not me.  Although sometimes she gives some to me.  I am going to have to talk to mom and make sure that we don’t run out of MY favorite treats anymore!  This is just awful!

Well I don’t want to eat it, but I can’t just leave it here because then Roscoe will get it, he eats anything!  Hmmm, I wonder what i should do with it?

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