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Happy Halloween!

Now normally I have a hard time sharing this blog with other animal buddies, especially Roscoe.  However mom is insisting that the best Halloween themed pictures that she has are of Jack. Now I never met Jack so I cannot vouch for him,  he is living at a place called the Rainbow Bridge.  But I suppose I should just be Happy that she didn’t dress us up in some stupid costume,  I know many of my friends are subjected to this.  Now maybe you wish your mom used to have a rat too!

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Pit Bull Awareness Day

Did you know that this Saturday is Pit Bull Awareness Day?  Yes, that is right so if there are no special activities for you to do with your mom or dad in your area maybe you can do something special for pit bulls all on your own!

Like donate to a pit bull rescue in your area, or volunteer some time working at you local SPCA or favorite rescue and tell them about your concern for us, or even reading about and educating yourself and friends about us, and make sure they understand that its not the breed that should be getting the bad rap, but those that misuse and mistreat us! And stopping BSL as it punishes innocent dogs. 

My friends Jennifer and Dozer have written so much wonderful information about us!  You need to go and read all their sites, one is about stopping BSL very important!  One is Dozers very own blog!  And then there is a site all about The Happy Pit Bull!

The link on the side bar called Pit Bull Resources has lots of information for you to read and share with others.  Help the world help us by telling them the truth, because we really are getting a bad rap! And if you have a site that you would like included on my blog send me an e-mail or leave a comment and we will make sure that it is included!

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Mom says that sometimes I am a little angel, but she doesn’t say what I am the other times.   

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Getting Comfortable

As you know I am allowed to sleep in the chair chair, but not on the couch couch.  Sometimes its hard to get comfortable in the chair because it is not big enough!  But mom won’t change her mind no matter how hard it is for me to get comfortable. 

Ok I think now I can take a nap!

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Seven Things

My friends the Little Brown Dog and then also Dozer the pit bull who looks like me decided that I would get tagged, so now I have to answer 7 questions. Oops. It looks like I have to answer 7 questions, 7 times, hmmm, that’s 49!  Good thing I don’t have to do that times two because two of them tagged me then I would have to answer 49 plus 49 questions, and I haven’t taken that much math yet! This is going to be hard!

7 Things I Plan To Do Before I Die (moms says I am never going to die)
1. Sleep on the bed bed every night.
2. Rescue all the Pit Bulls in the World!
3. Stop BSL.
4. Have the whole dog park to myself every time I go!
5. Go to work every day with momma!
6. Learn not to bark at the Chows every night when they walk by.
7. Make lots of Dog Blog friends!

7 Things I Do Now
1. Play with my red kong balls.
2. Chew my nylabones.
3. Bark at the Chows when they walk by, mom calls it “Chow time”.
4. Sleep in my chair chair.
5. Watch when the blankees explode!
6. Do my “good girl” lay down so I can get a chicken strip.
7. Wait at the door to go outside until momma says its ok.

7 Things I Can’t Do
1. Have as many chicken strips as I want.
2. Roll over.
3. Shake a paw.
4. Sleep in the bed bed all night long!
5. Play with Sprocket, he is too old.
6. Sniff peoples butts, dogs are ok though.
7. Get muddy then come inside, I have to visit the shower first!

7 Things That Attract Me to The Opposite Sex Does this count when you are “fixed”?
1. I like little dogs like Roscoe, they have big hearts.
2. Bark at the Chows with me!
3. Chases me and my kong ball!
4. Shares treats and strippies!
5. Scratches my butt, ok dogs can’t do that but boy peoples can!
6. Let me sniff their butt.
7. watches Americas Greatest Dog with me!

7 Things I say Most Often
1. Time for treats!
2. Time for walkies!
3. Time to play ball ball!
4. Where is my chew chew!
5. Why does Roscoe get to sleep on the bed bed?
6. Here come the Chows!
7. Can you scrathc my butt please?

7 Celebrities That I Admire
1. Dennis the Vizsla
2. Lassie
3. Pongo and Perdita
4. Dozers Mummy for educating peoples about Pit Bulls.
5. Roscoe (cuz he thinks he is a celebrity, shhh)
6. Daisy the Curly Cat cuz she wears so many outfilts she must be a celebrity!
7. My momma cuz she rescued me and takes care of me and my brothers!

7 Who Gets to do this now
Well I don’t know If I can think of 7 peoples so here are the ones that should do it! And anyone else who wants to!

1. Tuffy
2. Rusty and his new brother Riley!
3. Cosmo and Chloe
4. All the Dogfathers and Carmela!

Now I better go practice my math! Or maybe take a nap, that took alot of brain work!

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Animal Communication

Well today mom is going to place called the Huntington Library to hear a guy talk about animal communication.  Gee I don’t know why she needs to go somewhere to learn how we communicate.  I bark at the door when I need to go out, and lay on my good girl spot in the kitchen when she is cooking cuz I have trained her to give me snacks when I do this, and I make very small growly noises at night when my covers fall off and I need her to get me warm again. You know we communicate very well. How hard is that?  Huh. maybe she is going to learn how to communicate with Roscoe cuz he barks all the time.

I don’t suppose dogs are invited?

Lecture: “The Call of the Wild: Canine Communication”

Oct. 12 (Sun.) 2:30 p.m.

The Huntington, Friends’ Hall

Fred Bercovitch, Ph.D., will present a talk on wild and domestic dogs and their communication strategies . Bercovitch is head of the Division of Behavioral Biology and co-head, Endocrine Unit, Conservation & Research for Endangered Species, Zoological Society of San Diego. Free.

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This is a picture of me when I was a puppy, well not tooo little. When mom rescued me this is what she brought home! Me with a big head!  This picture was at a rescue event by my rescue organization Paw’d Squad!

More Wordless Wednesdays here!

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