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Kinds of Dogs


Goofy Dog


Cool Dog!


Dapper Dog


Depressed Dog

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Somebody Loves

Our blog and we got an award for it!  Our friends Mina and Celeste  gave us an awsome award.  I am putting it right here


So that everybody could see it!  I love your blog too Mina and Celeste.  I think it is very cool that Mina, who is a pit bull like me, has a great friend like Celeste! I am supposed to share this award with those dogs with blogs who have not gotten the award yet.  So I would like to give this to Dobby the little ChihuahuaRattie and all the rats who blog there,  Tuffy and Mandy and Gina, I think Tuffy may have revcieved this already but Roscoe insisted that he get it! Trinity the pit bull who has 2 very cute little girls, and last but not leasst Dixie who lives with Tony!  So congratulations to all those who won!


Oh how embarrassing!!! Sprocket peed on my blog!!!!

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Male Pattern Baldness

If you remember a few weeks ago my brother Sprocket had to go to the neurologist and get an MRI.  They shaved him in several very funny places, and mom keeps saying that Sprock has male pattern baldness. 


I am not sure what that is, but it sure looks funny!  His hair is starting to grow back now, and if you look at him from the side it is not so obvious.


Since it is “male” pattern baldness, I suppose I am immune from any hair loss.  All you boy dogs out there like Dennis and Dozer, better be careful! 


As you can see I have all my hairs in place!

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My Boyfriend


I am not sure if I told you about my boyfriend T.  Sometimes when mom is at work my friend Rachel comes over to give me a walk, Roscoe gets to come along too. But she also brings her furbaby T!  I love T.  He is so handsome!  I think that he may have more girlfriends than just me, but he is my one and only! I am always trying to kiss him!  Mom says I get to excited when he visits, I want to play with him, and kiss him and roll on the floor, and sometime I have to have a time out.

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Lazy Days


Hey! Don’t watch me while I am sleeping!


Mom! Roscoe took my chair!

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This is my hammock that I like to sleep on in the yard.  As you can see I also brought one of my exploding blankies with me and my chewie nylabone, so I am all set for an afternoon of relaxation!

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