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An Award and a Meme

Thanks to Dennis the Vizsla dog we have received another wonderful award.  I assume the award is for me and I do not have to share it with cowboy Roscoe (thats what he wants to be called now!).  Here is the wonderful award that says we like to share the love. How sweet! thank you so much Dennis the Vizsla, we love you too!


We must be getting very popular because Dozer the pit bull who looks like me, or maybe I look like him, well what ever, tagged us for a meme.  Now I am not quite sure what a meme is but he said I have to tell you 8 things 8 times about me! Maybe a meme is a short word for multiplication. 

  My 8 favorite foods:

  1. Chicken Strips
  2. Burger
  3. Turkey 
  4. Chicken Strips
  5. Steak
  6. Chicken Strips
  7. Chicken (without the strip part)
  8. Dog food if it has burger in it

8 Things I did today:

  1. Crawled into be with mom at 4 am
  2. Refused a nasty milk bone treat!
  3. Napped on the “other” chair
  4. Licked my paws
  5. Licked myself
  6. Played with my kong ball
  7. Went on a walk with Cowbiy Roscoe
  8. Chewed my Nylabone

8 Favorite Stores:

  1. Well the only store that I have ever been to is Petsmart where I went to obedience classes and wher mom buys all the foodies toys and treats!

8 Restaurants:

  1. Well I have been to the Charcuterie where they bring you a bowl with water and ice and lemon on the rim when you sit on the patio!
  2. And to a place called The Only Place in Town, where they don’t bring you nothing but mom always give me a bite, but I don’t like thisplace becuase I like to growlies at the other dogs there.
  3. Steamers Coffe place because they have a walk up window so mom can get her latte when she takes me for a walk!
  4. Those are the only resturants thathave been too. Excpet once I drove through McDonalds so mom could get ice cream, but I didn’t get nothing!

8 Things I look Forward To:

  1. PLaying kong ball
  2. Walks
  3. Treats, but only the good ones
  4. Dinner, but only if it has good stuff in the bowl
  5. Chewing on my nylabone
  6. Watching my blankets explode!
  7. Napping in the chair
  8. Sneaking into bed with mom

8 Things I Like To Do With Family:

  1. All of the above
  2. Plus haning out with mom all day

8 Things on My Wish List:

  1. Kong ball
  2. Nylabones
  3. Chicken Strips
  4. A new sweater that fits
  5. Getting to sleep in the bed every night
  6. Roscoe getting his own blog so he will leave mine alone!
  7. Roscoe getting apart in a hollywood movie so he will shut up
  8. Mom winning the lottery so she can stay home with me everyday

8 Buddies I’m Tagging with both the meme and the AWARD!!!!

  1. Tuffy and Mandy and Gina cuz i love them!
  2. Peepers the chicken cuz he will never be a chicken strip (shhhh)!
  3. Rusty and Riley cuz they have organized the squirrel patrol!
  4. The Canine Mafioso cuz I really think Bruno is handsome!
  5. Dannan the little Brown Dog cuz, well just cuz!!!!
  6. Dobby cuz he is cute and tiny.
  7. The Beanies! cuz mom used to have an Akita that look like them a long time ago.
  8. Mina and Celetse, cuz they are good frineds, most of the time!

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