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A Fab Blog

My  BPBFF (best pit bull friend forever) whom I also think is very handsome and like very much gave me a very cool award last week!  Its called the Fabulous Blog Award! So here is this pawsome award! Did you know Fab is like saying fabulous but shorter?


As you can see there is a lady, who sorta kinda looks like my mom on it walking a dog that sorta kinda looks like me, if you squint when you look at it.  Hey Dozerwho are these people on this award?  They look fabulous!  In any case I think that I should pass this award along, since there are not enough awards for blogs these days! 

I would like to give this award to Dennis Dadda James, cuz he writes really scary stories and mom read one of the short ones, and, well that’s a whole other post!  Also to Abby, aka Crabby Abby, I would also like to tell her that yes my mom finally did let me in!  And to my new friend who is also a pit bull named Tank!  Go visit him since he is new and making new friends!  Also To Bruin, who is the only dog I have ever met that doesn’t have a blog!  Hey Bruin tell your Dadda you need a blog. And finally to River the bagel!  Oops I mean Beagle, both for him and his mom who does lots of rescue, fostering and transport!


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