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Boudoir Meme

Well last weekend my good friend Dennis tagged me for a Boudoir photo shoot!  I am supposed to show you where I sleep at night.  I know Dozer has been anticipating this post, so I hope he is not dissapointed when I tell you that  it just so happens that I am not really a boudoir kind of gal, I prefer flannel pajamas.  Well in this first picture I am in the bed where I am supposed to sleep at night.  I slept here for some time, but not any more.

Too Small!

Too Small!

As you can see the bed is so small that  I have to sleep in a sitting up position!  The next photo is of the bedside table where mom keeps stuff like a glass of water and her advil in case we give here a headache.  She does not keep milk bones here unfortunately.

This next picture is where I get to sleep at night now.  Mom says when summer comes and it gets hot we may be rearranging things, what ever that means.


As you can see it is very comfortable.


Sometimes I move over and make room for mom! I have to tag 3 friends to show us their bedrooms!  So I choose Dozer of course, cuz he got to see mine so I want to see his!  Also my friend Nala who is a Rhodesian Ridgeback, so she must not sleep on her back because of that ridge,  and Daisy the Curly cat because a cat with so many outfits must certainly have some Boudoir outfits for her bedroom!



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