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Happy Hallloween!!! So to get you all in the mood for tonights goblins and ghosts we have the judges commments and winners for each of the 3 categories!  Each Judge worked hard and did their own anylsis of all the entries! 

The winners will recieve a custom package of special stuff direct form California, and as a special added treat, a donation will be made to each of the winners favorite rescue organizations!  Also to thank the Judges for all their hard work a donation will be made to their favorite charities too!

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First of all, the Mango wants to say what an honor it was to be part of Miss Daisy’s big Halloween costume contest and to thank all our entrants into the Most Creative category. In order to better appreciate the creativity of my entrants, I asked them to act out their costumes for me. First up was Albert E. Hairless. He took me on a ride on some freaky Mad Max tank thing. To be honest, the Mango was a wee bit scared.


I was a bit confused by Dottie and Dozer’s costumes, but they explained to me that they were adhering to the Minimalist School of art and even took me to a gallery to explain things.


Aladdin and Phoenix had thoughtfully provided a full under the sea setting already. Now, the Mango doesn’t swim, but for the sake of my judging I donned the appropriate gear and set to. Frankly, I don’t know how those two manage to hold their breath for so long. Of course it could be that they did not suffer from slobbers clogging up their snorkels. Just a thought.


Luda wore the uniform of her favorite softball team. I was unable to make the trip out to see him in action with his team, but our local gal’s team allowed him to take a few swings at their practice session.


Wow! Major faux pas here for the Mango. I had assumed that Honey was dressed as a lion. Only to discover that she was actually made up for some sort of Zoolander runway adventure.


Cooper! Who knew. First of all, he is daring enough to wear orange with his blond furs which I would never have tried myself. But he also knows lots of creative plays for the footballs.


Thunder was some sort of knight dude. He said that jousting was just the ticket to get into the swing of things but I fear my aim was a bit off.



WOW! So hard to choose, but Miss Daisy said there can only be one winner. Sigh.  And the winner is….. 


ALBERT E. HAIRLESS!!! Come on down!


 I chose Albert for most creative because he took his weird little hairless self and totally transformed into a really cool kick-ass dude. I mean, look at the little guy!

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Well all rite everywun its the moment you have all bin wating for! Its time fer to choose the Kyutest Costoom! I am yer honorabull judje Dozer here to make this difikult desishun!


OK lets git to lookin at them costooms!
I have to say this will not be an eazy desishun at all! Mostly cause nobuddy sended me enny bribes.
All rite so first up we have dawgs dressed as peeple!

Sadie Mae


Sadie Mae is a cowgurl! I may be a bit parshull to this costoom cause I lives in Teksus. That is a reel nice hat and I dont know how it stays on but I think it prolly rekwired sum sort of mirakle gloo.
This is also a very kyute costoom cause Sadie Mae is color cordinated. And she has a very kyute smile prolly cause she is thinking bout wutever cowgurls think about. Hee hee hee.

Dexter aka Pee Wee


Dexter aka Pee Wee is a village idiot! Lookit that Pathetik Face nicely dun Dexter!
Now I am not shore wut a village idiot duz but Mummy sez I am wun too. And since I am kyute this meens Dexter must also be kyute. It is unarguabull logik!
Also that bow around Dexters hed is a nice tutch. This is a dawg wut is not afeared to git in tutch with his feminin side.

Sally Ann


Sally Ann has dressed up as Snow White! Wut a purty costoom! It jest makes me wanna go into the woods and sing a song and play with all the kyute little forest aminals and… eh? Wut? Oh rite back to the judjing! I jest git distrakted by all the kyuteness going on here.
It is a good thang there are not Seven Dwarfs here or that would jest be way too much kyute!



Maxim is dressed up in a brite hat and ranebow suspenders! He would feel rite at home in this room dont you think?


Ranebows and yellow suns and flowers and butterflys and birdies oh my! That is so kyute I am getting cavitees!
Now we will have a look at sum dawgs dressed up like other aminals!

Sweetie and Woodrow


Look owt! Look owt! That pig and that lizzard are eating Sweetie and Woodrow!! Ha ha ha jest kidding. Cleerly Sweetie and Woodrow haz the upper hand. They is bursting out of the stomaks of these critters!
If you dont beleeve that pigs and lizzards kin be kyute then jest look at this!



Now add a couple of kyute dawgs and bang! Instant dubble kyute!!
Now Sweetie and Woodrow jest dont eat yer costooms okay?! Heh heh.

We also getted a suprising number of bee costoom submishuns. Bee costooms are all the rage this yeer didnt you know?? And it iz no wunder. They are indespyutably kyute!



Here iz Woodrow as a kyute little bumblebee! He even has sum very larje antennas. All the better to detekt kyute flowers with my deer!
I am not shore if he iz praktising his flying pose or perhaps doing sum yoga but ether way it iz reely werking fer him!



Mango iz also dressed as a bee! Mummy could not stop laffing bout this costoom cause Mango is definitlee a very big dawg and the costoom seems jest a little bit small.
Mango reminds me of this bee wich is very kyute very big and very frendlee.


Next we have Roscoe! He is a kyute bee and he seems very happy bout it too!


 You will notiss that Roscoe has gray furs that match very well with his costoom! It almost looks like his tale is a bee stinger. Extra points fer natcheral creativitee!

And finally we have Dubby. As you all know Dubby wuz an evel foster dawg wut Mummy gived all her luv to.



Dubby is NOT KYUTE in fakt I dont even know why this pitcher is here. It should be in the Skary seckshun! Anyways he is gone to a new home now so he forfits the prize. Ha ha!   Uh oh Mummy is starting to blubber about him so lets move on kwickly!

Now after all these dawgs dressed as peeple and dawgs dressed as other types of aminals you mite be wundering hey Dozer wut else kin you dress as?

The anser to that is NOTHING!
Abby sticked it to the man or in this case woman and keeped her dawg pride intakt! Way to go Abby you is an inspirashun fer all the rest of us!


She made a stuffy ware her costoom and opted insted fer a stylish oranje bandana! Nice job and very kyute choise Abby! Of corse wen you are a kyute wite dawg like Abby or me then of corse you does not reely need to dress up in a costoom to be kyute!

The Deliburashun
OK so I must deliburate fer a wile to deside wich of these costooms is the kyutest. As you kin see there is no cleer winner and I must think hard bout the anser!


Hey thinkin is hard werk you knows!image017 Aw poopies. She catched me lying down on the job.

The Verdikt!

After a grate deel of napping I mean deliburashun I have reeched a desishun! It wuz not an easy wun cause I thinks all the costooms are kyute and in sum cases the dawgs are also kyute but I cannot say that or else my loverly gurlfrend Daisy will be mad at me!
The winner of Daisy’s Costume Contest Cutest Division is…


 Sadie Mae!

Congradulashuns Sadie Mae! You have a very kyute costoom indeed!! (Jest the costoom Daisy I sware!!)




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All Hallows Eve!

announcement words

An All Hallows Eve post from the announcement booth!!  I wanted to make sure that you all knew we had several late entries in the scariest division.  I told them they were too late, but they threatened to make all the Kong balls in the world disappear and kidnap Roscoe!  Well Dozer and I decided that because of the threat we had better let the entries in.  Can you imagine a world with no Kong Balls.  Oh and mom said that she didn’t want anything to happen to Roscoe!

announcement words2

eve judge table

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Halloween Contest Update!!!

 I thought I would give you the Halloween Contest update from the announcement booth! 


Well it looks as if we have several more entries in all categories!  So go and check  out all the pages  and see what you think.  It seems as if all the scariest entries are sent anonoymously, this could be a problem when we send the awards out….

Also the deadline for sending in your picture is 8 am on Monday morning.  So if you have not sent in a photo yet, please do!  Our esteemed panel of Judges has been meeting regularly to discuss all the entries!



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Judges discussion….

judges discussingstuffie

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