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We noticed that Dennis is having a hard time getting rid of those smurfs over at his Sunday awards show! (hehehehehe).  Sorry Dennis! Roscoe say he can prolly help if you need him, he is pretty cheap, will work for food. 

mmmmm Smurfs!

mmmmm Smurfs!

Anyhow back to the show!  First I would like to show off my Caption Contest Award!  I recieved this from Maggie Mae over at the Crumbsnatcher blog!  She has some great photos and great caption contests.  Go check it out and vote for your favorite captions, or enter a contest.  Thank you for this cool award!!!


 So this week thanks to the Purple Hatter I have a new award.  But this award is to be given out along with a goodie bag to the best Halloween Costume!  Yes this is a contest! 


So here are the rules of the contest:

  • Submit a photo to us via email of you wearing a halloween costume!  Email to pinkdaisydog  at gmail dot com
  • Contest starts NOW and ends on October 25th, with the winner announced on Halloween!
  • There are categories for “Cutest”, “Scariest” and “Most Original”!
  • There will be special  Celebrity guest judges (TBA)!!
  • Winner will be able to post the award on their site and recieve a special goodie bag!!

We hope that you all participate, there will be a new page on the blog called Halloween Costume Contest where all entries will be posted!


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