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Flyball and Pile it on!

Sorry I have been MIB!  (that means Missing in Blog).  I have been very busy!  I was invited to be a guest at the officially sanctioned Mango Minister Flyabll Tournament! And I was given a front row seat!  As you know this was a week-long event, and quickly disintegrated from a flyball tournament into a 3 ring circus!

Notice the "3" for three ring circus!

It was a fun event, and thank you for the invite Dennis! Fortunately I don’t live very far from Dennis’s  house which is near a place called Sandy Eggo, so I didn’t need to use the Mango Minister Jet like all the participants did. 

Oh and then it was moms birthday!  So we had to have a special doggy dinner.  She won’t let me say how old she is…..

And then!  I was reading doggy blogs and realized that my Pile it On entry may have been beaten! So I have practiced my pile it on skills to send in a new entry.

No I am not telling how big my pile is this time!!!!


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