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Wordless Wednesday – Buddies

Hi there!!!


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Just Hanging Out

My Backyard Hammock

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Sunday Late Night Awards Show!

Well this week has been very busy and we have not had time to Blog.  And thanks to Dennis the Vizsla and the Purple Hatter we can keep our awards show going so here we go!! we wanted to do a late night edition so maybe we could get the famous Jay Leno to guest host, but since Dennis has scared away all the Celebrity’s from hosting awards show its Just me! Pink Daisy!

This first award is the Golden Cup Award given to me by Dennis the Vizsla! This award goes to all my knights in Shininng Armor like:

Now we have the Purple Paw Award!

And the Sunshine award both designed especially for me by the Purple Hatter!


I would like to give BOTH these awards, yes thats a double award!!  to the following friends:

And last bu not least Dennis alto taged me for a Photo meem!  Here are the rules:

1. open your most recent photo folder
2. select the tenth photo in the photo folder
3. post the photo and tel the story behind it
4. tag five more peeps or dogs or kitties or rats or hamsters or goats

 Well this photo was taken by mom becuase Roscoe and I never share MY chair!  It didn’t last long either, no room!!!!

This meme goes to:

  1. Nala
  2. Olive
  3. Princess
  4. TealC
  5. Fiona

Signing off on the new late night Sunday Awards sow without Jay Leno!

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Can we come in?

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Special Guest Appearance!

We inturrupt this Sunday’s award show as I was asked to host the awards show over at Dennis’s and assist in freeing Dennis, Tucker and Trixie from the “Clutch” of the big purse (that was a pun!) Go check it out!  We will be back next week with some awsome new awards from the Purple Hatter.

Today you get to see the pictures form the Art Show Pits in Perspective!

There were lots of people there!


And music!


And Pibbles for adoption from Downtown Dog Rescue!


Puppies for adoption too!


She was extra sweet in her pink sweater!



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