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Caption Contest!

We love this picture of Milk, but can’t think of a good caption! So we thought you guys might like to help!  The winner will get to pick their favorite 501c3 animal Charity, and mom will make a donation of $20!!!  We know it’s not alot, but every little bit helps those animals in need.  So caption away! You have until Saturday at midnight! 

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One Last Kiss

Before you go.....

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Outside Looking In

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Me and My Cat

Not sure if any of you doggies out there have thier own cat. But I do.  His name is Milk, he is Roscoe’s cat too.  Mom has a cat named Tweet.  Milk likes to hang out with me and play with Roscoe.  Milk is almost as big as Roscoe and I am worried he will beat Roscoe up!  But usually they play nice.

Just hanging out on my favorite rug

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Birthday Surprise!

Well yesterday was my birthday and for a surprise mom got me my favorite snack, Chicken Strips!  And guess what we did?

Is that a.....

OMD! I think it is!

Caught it!

Game of Kong Ball anyone?

As you may remember last year I had my surgery, and I have not been able to play Kong ball too much because it stresses my leg. But for my Birthday mom and I had a nice game!!!  I am now 5 years old!

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