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A Mouse in the House

Hi there little friend!


sharing sleeping spots


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Small emaciated male chihuahua living in the bushes in a soccer filed off a busy 6 lane street.  Older perhaps 7-10, bad teeth, cryptorchidism which will require surgey, possible thyroid and kidney disease. 

Feeling better already……

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Oh Hi!

Hi to all my blogging friends out there!

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New Friend Farley!

Hello everyone!  Hey, as you know my other boyfriend besides Dozer is my friend T.  He is the big black dog you see in pictures sometimes.  He comes over when mom is at work and we go for walks together, oh yea, Roscoe gets to go too. But lately he has been bringing over another friend.

"Hi Farley! You coming with us on walkies today?"

 His name is Farley, and he is really a nice friend too!

"I like you too!"

One can never have too many friends!!

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Decisions Decisions

"Where should we go for a walkies today?"

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