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Mango Minister – Best Kitteh

Talk to the paw....

Hello all, Milk here!  Ready to tell you why I Milk the kitteh should be chosen as the Mango Minister kitteh winner! (purr purr purr).  Well first of all I have taken over this household of dogs!

I started young practicing on the “other” kitteh in the house.

Always on top!!


My kitteh!!


I eventually graduated to stealing the dogs toys!

This is a kitteh kong wubba!

Eventually I manged to even steal awards form Dennis!

Dog Blog? I think NOT!

Eventually I had the dogs bowing before me…..

Can you bring me some cat nip when you are done adoring me...

Holding court with the big dog

Always in front!


Or on top!

Next was to take over their beds….

No room for you Roscoe!


No ROOOM!!!! My bed Daisy!

and last but not least my talents for sleeping anywhere…

purr purr purrr

and of course climbing!!!

Ceiling cat!

I also keep up with all the blogs out there…… 

And now have taken over this one!!  Daisy the dog? No! Milk the Kitteh!  Trouble the kitty would be proud of me! so vote for me for the Kitteh award at Mango Minister!!

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Hello from the Chair

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snug as a bug in a rug!

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