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My New Friend

Well walkies with Oberon have been going well!  He is my new friend and lives around the corner!  He came by the house today.

Notice my new tail!!!!

Mom says its good for me too meet lots of new friends, its called socialization.  I am not always friendly with new doggy friends, and when I first meet Oberon I wasn’t sure I liked him. But after lots of walkies together he seems like an ok doggy!

So how do you guys like my new tail?  Its still works pretty well when I wiggle and waggle!

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Mouse 2 Ways

In the sun

On the couch

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Happy Birthday to Me!

Today I am 6!

Looking forward to walks, chicken strips a special dinner, and lots of love from mom!  Does being 6 make me an Elderbull?

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Hey Baby!

My blood runs cold, my memory has just been sold, Mouse is a centerfold!?!?!?!

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Hi everyone.  Well I am making a new friend with a dog that lives around the corner form me, his name is Oberon and he is a black lab like PeeWee. He is kinda of a goofy puppy, but I have been pretty tolerant.  It’s alway more fun to walk with friends.

Of and the lab results are in one of the tumors was another Hemangiosarcoma but the other one was benign. Which is good news since the VET thought the one might be a Mast Cell tumor.  So as long as we keep getting clean margins on the tumors mom is not freaking out.  My tail is healed nicely!  You would never even know it was missing!

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Waiting for Results

Where have I been? Well mom has been a bit stressed out since I had 2 more tumors removed, and she is worried about the big C once again.  I am also seeing a Dermatologist!  He took off that last two tumors and is going to help me with my skin allergies.

Are they here yet?

Mom has been putting shirts on me so I don’t lick the stitches, we wouldn’t want them to fall off before they are ready! Mouse has joined me in my wait…..

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