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Happy Holidays!

I'm not to keen on these reindeer games!

May you and all the puppers and kitties have a Joyous Christmas.

Daisy Roscoe Mouse

Milk and Tweet


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Hearts are Broken

Our hearts are broken for the Houston Pittie Pack. After we read what happened on Friday we were speechless, and couldn’t think of words that would help to comfort Sandra.  However as Sandra has told us from her Blog and Facebook page its our words that are helping her get through the days.

Sandra has done so much for Pitbull Rescue and advocacy. She is Angel Shelby’s hero, I think she is a Hero to many of us. She has done what many of us only wish we could do, but never had the willpower and bravery to try. Make sure you stop by and let her know you are thinking of her.

Our Friends Ms M and Mr B did a lovely tribute to each of the Angels here. And Ms Mayzies mom helped to set up a chipin page . The outpouring of support from all over has been amazing.  The Pitte Pack is loved all over the world.

We light a Candle for each Angel and we send all the loves we have to Sandra and her family and puppers.

Angels Guero, Coco Chanel, Tiger, Lucky and Shelby

Many people have asked us about sending gifts or donations directly to Sandra. Here’s the info that Lana posted on Frankie’s site:

If you would like to help Sandra and her family BEYOND what you have so generously done… some of us have been working behind the secenes and have come up with this… Since they lost EVERYTHING… and are currently staying with Family… Space must be considered along with everything else… So Gift Cards seem to be the best way to go. There are BOTH a Target and A Wal-Mart very near. Of course you do know that WAL-Mart is where Shelby was Found by Sandra. I KNOW that many of you would like to buy actual Presents for Sandra, Josh, the Baby and Bella and Brinks… but we MUST consider all the ins and outs… It would be for the Best to allow Sandra to purchase what is needed and not overwhelm everyone in the household. Perhaps they would even need some food items for their CHRISTMAS DINNER. Yes, my dear friends… Gift Cards would be MOST APPRECIATED.

If you would like the address, please email me at mayziegal AT gmail DOT com. OR you can send an email to Frankie’s mom at frankiefurter AT wildblue dot NET. (But just one or the other, please.) Also, please put “Sandra’s addy

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Just the 3 of us

Sometimes we go on our walks with friends, Like Farley, Oberon and Takoda.  We wish there was a SocialBulls group near us so we could go on some of the fun walks like Ms M and Mr B do. And some days we like it to be  just the 3 of us!


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Inside Out



Outside looking in


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As far as I am concerned Tweet can have the bathtub. I don’t like bathes, and now with my allergies I am getting them almost once a week.  Maybe mom will give Tweet a bath!

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