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The Results are IN!

I forgot to tell you that mom had my DNA tested!!  Yes she swabbed  the inside of mouth mouth a couple times and sent it in the mail to a scientist and they sent us back a report!

The mixed breed was mainly Dalmation and Miniature Pincher and Boxer!  It doesn’t say pit bull anywhere on this report!! I wonder if they made a mistake? What do you think?

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Looks like the sun is up, does that mean I have to get up too?

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Hanging in my Chair

Today I am hanging out in my favorite chair.  My allergies are bugging me. Mom gave me some medicine.

I think I am going to take a nap now. What are you doing on your Saturday afternoon?


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We have some sad news today

As many of you know we are big fans of our friends over at Bad Rap. They do so many amazing things for pibbles, and have rescued so many in need. Last October they took in an emaciated pit bull who was later diagnosed with lymphoma. A wonderful Lady took her in to give a the best life however long. Thank you to Nice Lady.

Birdy had alot of loving to do before she flew home.

Mom had a huge soft spot for this girl, and followed her blog religiously. On Tuesday we found out Birdy wasn’t doing so well and her departure for home was eminent, today at 4. This morning she flew home a bit ahead of schedule.

Good Bye Sweet Birdy. We loved you from afar, we watched you love those around you and enjoy your sweet time with Nice Lady and OM.

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Camp NomzBeGonz

We did it again!

Oh Hai!

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