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A bouquet of Daisy’s and Cyclemen.


What happened to the Daisy’s?


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Hi friends. I just wanted you all to know tomorrow I am going to have another surgery to remove some little spots on my belly.  Mom says they are little skin cancers. This is my 3rd surgery over the last few years to have some of these pesky spot removed. Mom says thats why I am not allowed to sun bathe anymore with out something called SPF50! She also mentioned the cone again, I hope she means ice cream cone.  So remember all you white doggies to wear SPF50 when you go out in the sun!

Now back to our regularly scheduled nap time!

Dreaming of ice cream cones…..

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Well, most of you saw my D-N-A, and guess what? Of course I am a pit bull!!  Pit bulls are not a pure breed of dog, but come in many shapes, colors and sizes. Our favorite Rescue BAD RAP has a whole page on what a pit bull is, you can read it here if you are interested.  Pit bulls are not a pure breed of dog or recognized by the AKC, most of us have American Staffordshire Terrier, or bulldog, boxer, english bull dog and well you can see my DNA I have some of those and not others.  But I am sure many pit bull moms and dads would say they are the best dogs in the world, what do you think?

Reporting on my DNA from my favorite chair

And now for my regularly scheduled nap!

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