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Me and my Button

Well last night moms was hugging and kissing me and tucking me in and suddenly she noticed that my ear had an owie!

All tucked in and ready for bed!

Just when I thought it was bed time she starts spazing out!  Looking at my ear, turning the lights on, putting medicine on it.  Gee.

Ear Owie.

See how its all puffed up?  Well this morning mom decided that I needed to go to the VET right away, she wasn’t sure if I had been bit by something or what might have happened.  So we went to the VET and she talked to the Doc, he said that I had a Hematoma, and that it needed to be drained. Apparently its like a bruise but the blood vessel fills up the space, he was worried if we didn’t drain it that my whole ear would get puffy like this and fill up then it might be bad.  Well it was bad anyway cuz mom left and when she came to pick me up I looked like this!

Apparently they have to “button” my ear to the top of my head so when I shake my head it does’t make my ear worse by flopping around!  We are not sure how this hematoma thing happened, but I think that when Roscoe and I were playing bitey face Roscoe accidentally bitied my ear! The next picture is a little gross, but don’t worry I have pain medication and am feeling better and sleeping.  It shows my button better.

Me and my Button

Mom made this picture smaller so you wouldn’t get to grossed out.  Has anyone out there even had to have a button?

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Wordless Wednesday

How much is that doggy in the window?

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