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For Mango Momma

This morning when I checked on my Facebook page I was in complete shock when I read of Mango’s passing.  Fighting the flood of tears, I immediately looked around to figure what had happened, and found Mango Momma’s post and several tributes had already been put up.

Mango will be missed in the blog world, he is leaving a relentlessly huge hole in our hearts and in the blog world.  We started blogging about the same time, and he was one of our first friends.  Mango taught us lessons, how to dance, made us laugh and blush with his lipstick!, made us say “GROSS!” and made us now, cry.  He was Mango, and brought so many of us together with his Mango Minister every year.  I can’t look at a mango anymore and not think of Mango. He is etched in our memory and in our hearts.

We are sending our most heartfelt love and condolences to Mango Momma, The Master and Pea.

We also want to reach our paws and arms from the west coast to the east coast and send love and hugs to Mango Momma especially. She was the perfect Dog Mom, and she is is missing him the most.

When I realize what my tears are about, why I am crying for Mango, I realize I am crying for Nancy. Who is really missing that Relentlessly Huge bottom and slobbers.

We love you Mango Momma.



Daisy, Roscoe, Mouse and Milk & Tweet the Kittehs





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“oh Hai!

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Say Hello to my Little Friend!


Mouse and I on our walkies.

In other news, my button came off last week, and I get my stiches out of my ear owie on Friday.  Also mom found a flea on me yesterday and I thought she was going to freak out! She was sure none of us had any fleas.


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