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New Bowl!!

Hi everyone!!  I know I have not been very good about, um blogging lately. But moms been busy and without her to help me with my spelling, well it just doesn’t work!

I wanted to share a very cool present that I was sent by a lovely lady named Sarah!  She works for a very cool company called Red Envelope, now mom has loved this online store for many years, they have really cool stuff. But guess what??  Now they have a whole section of stuff for pets!!! That’s right and you can see them all here!!

photo2As you can see from this picture there is a small bowl next to me, it’s not very girly and it way to small for all my noms.  But guess what I am looking at???


This!!! My brand new personalized girly bowl with all my noms!!!  Isn’t it just beautiful?  It’s pink and matches me!! Mom says its easy to clean, and dishwasher safe and a perfect size and highly recommends their products.  If you want to order one just like it, but with your name and favorite color you can do it here.

And after eating all those noms from that very pretty bowl, I am just so sleepy I needed to take a nap.


Thank you Sarah and Red Envelope!

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