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Catching UP

Wow. Its been since June that I have said hello to everyone on my blog.  I guess facebark and instagram have taken a lot of doggies away from blogging. Thats not my excuse, I don’t think it is anyway.

We wanted to ask out furiends out there if anyone has had any experience with bladder stones? Roscoe had a big surgery about a week ago and they took 12 stones out of his bladder!! He will be on a new diet too, as they tested the stones and they are calcium oxiate. So he will be on a low protein diet of wet food.  Lucky guy, wet food yum. You can see his pain patch in this picture. He was a little stoned.


He was in the hospital for 3 days, and wasn’t himself for a couple more days, but he is now back to his rascally self stealing my nylabones every chance he can get!!

Here we are yesterday going on a walkies with our friend Tess.  I think Roscoe likes her, as you can see he is feeling lots better.


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