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Where have you been?

I guess all my friends in blog land are wondering if I completely have left the blog sphere???  Well I haven’t but it seems mama has.  She says she is busy. We missed Christmas and New Years, and moms birthday and Valentines Day and well most of all we missed YOU! Our friends!



Well this was my Christmas picture. So Merry Belated Christmas!


This is when it snowed inside after Christmas on my new bed.


This is me and the boys celebrating moms birthday!


Oh, and last but not least this is me getting caught on the COUCH! I am not allowed there, much……

So now that we are all caught up Mom promises not to forget and be to busy.  So glad we are back, because I missed all my friends!!!


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Looks like the sun is up, does that mean I have to get up too?

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A New Desk

Mom got a new desk today. It is still in a box. She needs to put it together. She is going to fix up her office, so that she has some space to work, and a place that I can post on my blog!

I like the new desk, I told her that I would be happy to help put it together, but I am not sure I can use a screwdriver. I also think that it would make a nice bed!

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A couple weeks ago mom packed up the car in the middle of the night and we went to stay at someones house! I did not like having to get up in the middle of the night, I needed my beauty sleep, But there was a fire burning very close to the house. We were very lucky, we go to come back 2 days later and our house was still there, so were all the snacks and my beds.

I think that I love my house and am very glad it did not burn down!

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Pink and Green

I have 2 beds. One is pink and the other one is green. They are exactly alike, except for the color. The pink one is in the bedroom and the green one is in the living room. Sometimes one of the terrorists (Roscoe) likes to sleep in my bed. I usually let him for at least a little while. I don’t know why mom just doesn’t buy him a blue bed!

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