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Hanging out



Just me and my pal Mouse hanging out.


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Where have you been?

I guess all my friends in blog land are wondering if I completely have left the blog sphere???  Well I haven’t but it seems mama has.  She says she is busy. We missed Christmas and New Years, and moms birthday and Valentines Day and well most of all we missed YOU! Our friends!



Well this was my Christmas picture. So Merry Belated Christmas!


This is when it snowed inside after Christmas on my new bed.


This is me and the boys celebrating moms birthday!


Oh, and last but not least this is me getting caught on the COUCH! I am not allowed there, much……

So now that we are all caught up Mom promises not to forget and be to busy.  So glad we are back, because I missed all my friends!!!

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Hello furends!  I know I have been away for a while, but I couldn’t forget to remind everyone about Pit Bull Awareness Day!  Today  is a day of appreciation and education designed to change perceptions and stereotypes about pit bulls and their responsible owners.

Me and my brothers.

We want to make everyone aware of how Pit Bulls can live with other dogs and cats too!

At the Parky!

We love the dog parky and traveling there with my dog walker and my other furry friends!

On the way to the Parky!!

You can kind of see my new Sirius Republic collar!!  Its very pretty!


In honor of my special day mom and I did some yoga, went on an extra long walkies and she brought me a new Kong!  What did you do for Pit Bull Awareness day??

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M and M

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Stay Close

I got your back little friend!

Both Mousie and I love our sunbaths, but Mom always is worried about Mousie being outside without her,  she thinks a big hawk will come and snatch him up!  I told her not to worry, I would keep keep him safe.

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Going back to school

All summer long we had a roommate, moms son was home from college, I guess that means he is my brother. OK so all summer long my human brother has been living with us. I like him, he plays ball with me, and gives me treats, he like to cuddle and watch TV with me. He took care of me and the terrorists when mom went away for a couple days, boy I am sure glad she came back!

Yesterday I noticed he was packing up all his clothes, and also filling boxes with his blankets. He packed all his bathrroms things and even some food out of the pantry! I overhead him talking to mom, and he is leaving tomorrow to go back to school. His school is far away and he lives there.

This makes me sad. I wonder when he will be coming home again? I hope mom pays extra good attention to me now that I am sad. Maybe I will get more treats, even though I don’t feel like eating them. *sigh*

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