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It’s been 3 years since I updated this blog, this maybe my last post. On June 12, 2107 at about 9:00 in the morning Daisy flew over the rainbow bridge. She finally had succumbed to the cancer that she had fought for several years. Hemangiosarcoma, initially the growths were on the skin and fairly easily removed, some via laser and some under anesthesia. This battle went on for 5 years, with the hope that these growths would never metastasize. In October of 2016 after an ultrasound, we found out that the cancer had spread to her spleen and it was removed. She was given about 3-6 months at that point.

Saying good-bye to Daisy was one of the hardest things I have had to do. I rescued her after Natalie died, because Natalie’s wish was to rescue a white pitbull and name her Daisy. Daisy helped me heal from the grief of losing a child, and brought me joy. Daisy and I did a lot together including obtaining her CGC, Canine Good Citizen, it was important to me she be a breed ambassador.

Daisy spent her last day at home and the vet came to our house, she fell asleep peacefully in her bed with Roscoe laying next to her.

I was lucky to have such a friend.


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Hanging out



Just me and my pal Mouse hanging out.

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Oh oh!

Well looks like Roscoe either got an agent, was in the movies all along, or Dennis’s dada is giving him computer lessons.  I hope he doesn’t get famous and move to Holly wood, cuz then I would be lonely.   

By the way he cant be the Beverly Hills Chihuahua cuz he is a mixed up dog, with Jack Russell’s and corgis like Checkers too!

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Hanging Out

I has just been hanging out here at home with mom, she has to go back to work on Monday so I won’t be hanging out anymore I will be back to my usual adventures.  She doesn’t know it but when she is at work sometime Roscoe and I have parties in the back yard!!! 

It’s hard for other dogs to join us, since there is the gate and fence and stuff, but we get mice, birds, neighbor hood kitties  and squirrels, although Roscoe gets mad and chases them when they beat him at cards. Sometimes the sleepy raccoons will join us, they are really good at blackjack, so we try and not wake them up! 

The kitties are sometimes kinda snobby,  since they can jump over the fence.  I also sometimes worry about how they look at the mice and birds,  although Mr. Jay sure put the big fat orange cat that lives next door into his place once!

Roscoe is worried hanging out with “the wildlife” will ruin his reputation and he will never get to Hollywood, don’t tell him, but he probably never will……

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Mom is thinking of moving my blog over to wordpress. I don’t know what a word press is but I am worried all my faithful friends and readers won’t know where I am at!!! This is causing me much distress, I am also distressed because we have not had any chicken strips in the house for at least a week. Just those crunchy milk bone things. I am also distressed because mom always laughs at Dennis’s Diary of Destruction, but I don’t see her laughing when she reads my blog. What am I to do!!

So will you guys still come visit me if mom moves my blog? Will you change your links so other friends can find me? What should I do to make mom laugh?

As you can see from this picture, Rascally Roscoe is not worried about any of these things!! He just wants a belly rub. He thinks he is going to be invited to the red carpet premiere of Beverly Hills Chihuahua. Mom says in his dreams.

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Exciting News

Well there is lots of news to report in the doggy dog world. First of all poor Dennis the Viszla got bit by a white pit bull!!! No is was not me, I only kiss boys. It was a pit bull who has a very irresponsible owner who does not keep their best friends on a leash or behind a fence. I wish that my mom could be a mom for all dogs, because then all the dogs would be good dogs, well pretty good ones. So please go wish Dennis a get well quick! He wasn’t hurt too bad, and I hope he forgive us white pit bulls!

More news is that Dozer, another white pit bull, has his own Dozer TV channel on U-Tube!! This is very exciting! I was hoping that he might have guest appearances by other famous white pit bulls, like me! So far there is only one episode, but I think if you stay tuned there will be more. I think Dozer is pretty cute.

All this exciting news reporting makes me hungry. I wonder if there might be a biscuit in my future if I am very good!

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Making Friends

I love making new friends. So far I have had 3 different white pit bulls write to me and send me pictures, there is Dozer who has his own web site. He is very handsome, and very funny. He has his own blog. his owner who is a wonderful person also has a blog to educate people about how wonderful pit bulls are and how to make sure that you are a responsible owner!

There is Lucy who has lots of spots. You can see her pictures here. And I have a new friend named Pittsey. She is very cute too. I especially like this picture of her sticking her tongue out!
Also please look at the very lovely Pit Bull Painting at the top of my blog. If you buy any Pit Bull cards, mousepads, or artwork, 10% will go to Pit Bull resuce! Isn’t that cool. So go shopping!!!

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