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Hanging out



Just me and my pal Mouse hanging out.


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Stay Close

I got your back little friend!

Both Mousie and I love our sunbaths, but Mom always is worried about Mousie being outside without her,  she thinks a big hawk will come and snatch him up!  I told her not to worry, I would keep keep him safe.

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New House

Well today I found out about our new house. Mom was gone all morning, and it is her day off so she is supposed to take us for a walkies. We knew something was up. She was at our new house. It is only a block away! Which means we can have lots of the same smells on our walks, which is good. Don’t want to have to mark up a whole new neighborhood! Although Roscoe does, he likes to do that!

Well looks like we are going to have a yard with grass now! Which is really good, cuz I never have had grass. Mom doesn’t have grass, and the rescue I came from was in Venice beach, no grass there either. I hope I don’t eat too much of it. But I have heard that it feels good to roll around it!

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