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It’s been 3 years since I updated this blog, this maybe my last post. On June 12, 2107 at about 9:00 in the morning Daisy flew over the rainbow bridge. She finally had succumbed to the cancer that she had fought for several years. Hemangiosarcoma, initially the growths were on the skin and fairly easily removed, some via laser and some under anesthesia. This battle went on for 5 years, with the hope that these growths would never metastasize. In October of 2016 after an ultrasound, we found out that the cancer had spread to her spleen and it was removed. She was given about 3-6 months at that point.

Saying good-bye to Daisy was one of the hardest things I have had to do. I rescued her after Natalie died, because Natalie’s wish was to rescue a white pitbull and name her Daisy. Daisy helped me heal from the grief of losing a child, and brought me joy. Daisy and I did a lot together including obtaining her CGC, Canine Good Citizen, it was important to me she be a breed ambassador.

Daisy spent her last day at home and the vet came to our house, she fell asleep peacefully in her bed with Roscoe laying next to her.

I was lucky to have such a friend.


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Driving Miss Daisy

A conversation between Daisy and mom while going for a car ride.

“Hey mom, do all pit bulls get to go on car rides like I do?”

“Not all of them Daisy, but some do.”

“Hey mom are all pit bulls as lucky as I am?”

Well, not all of them, but some are.”


“Well Miss Daisy, that would take a long time to answer.”

Mom, I think all pit bulls should be as happy as I am, don’t you?”

“Yes I do.”

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We is Worried

Looking for Dennis in the Mojave Dessert

We were a bit worried about mom, but now that she seems to be feeling better except a big cast on her hand,  we are VERY worried about Dennis, Tucker and Trixie!  It seems that, that very bad cat Trouble who likes to purr, has done some dastardly deeds! So Roscoe and I are going to go try and rescue Dennis, and we are hoping when Dennis is rescued he can use his expert tracking skills, like he did with the kong , to find them.  We may need some help, if there are ant volunteers for this mission just sign up below.  Be fore warned that we may encounter some awful villans and may have to take that cat Trouble hostage!

Still looking, no Dennis but we did discover this implement of torture, and an old kong ball! Oh, dear!

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Asleep Again!

Roscoe here! As you can see Daisy is asleep again! Shhhh. I don’t want her to know that I have hijacked her blog.  She doesn’t like it, and calls me Rascally!! 

Anyway I wanted you to know that moms is having surgery tomorrow.  I wasn’t sure what surgery was, but she is having her finger fixed. The one that Sprocket bit.  She got a bone infection and now it is bent, so they are gonna fix it.  She says that Daisy may not be able to blog for a while since Daisy doesn’ know how to turn on the computer, and moms hand will be in a cast! 

I hope she can still give us treats!

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On Sunday me and mom got up very early and went for a ride. We went to a place called the Rose Bowl. It was very exciting because we were going to do the Wiggle Waggle Walk!

Thanks to all our friends, mom and I raised $615.00! That’s a lot of scooby snacks! But we didn’t use the money for treats, we donated it to the Pasadena Humane Society so that they could use it to rescue dogs and cats and other animals that need forever homes.

Any how there were so many other doggies at the walk that I was very nervous, I even growled some, but not because I was mad, because I was nervous. I have never seen so many different dogs! There were big ones, and little ones and hairy ones and ones with no hair at all. Some were wearing clothes, sweaters, and jackets and hats! I was wearing a scarf, but almost everyone was wearing a scarf. But I did notice there were not very many pit bulls there, and there were NO pretty pink ones like me.
I did meet a new friend named Bruin, she was very nice, but I am not sure that she liked me very much. Maybe I can see her again soon.

Well we want to tell everyone that next year we are going to raise even more money! Thank you if you sposored us. And if you didn’t maybe next year you can!

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Frankie and Farley

I have some friends who are not dogs and who are not rats. They are cats. Cats are very nice, they are fluffy and funny and like to play silly games. The cats that are my friends are named Frankie and Farley, also known as Frankie the Fearless and Farley the Friendly. Kind alike I am Daisy the Pretty Pink Pit Bull.

Anyhow Frankie and Farley are helping me raise money for a good cause. They put a link up on their website promoting this walk that mom and I are going to do.

I also sent out an e-mail form my very own email account to many of my friends. This is what it said:

Dear Friend,

As most of you know I (thats mom) am an animal lover and have always supported animal rescue organizations. On September 30, Daisy my pretty pink pit bull (thats me), and I, will be taking part in the 9th Annual Wiggle Waggle Walk for the Animals to raise money for Pasadena Humane Society and SPCA and we would really welcome your support.

It’s really easy – you can donate online by credit card and receive a record of your donation (tax deductible). All donations are secure and sent directly to Pasadena Humane Society and SPCA. Please join Daisy and I in supporting Pasadena Humane Society and SPCA and a fabulous cause! Here is our page:

Pink Daisy’s Website for donations

Thank you in advance for helping us help other animal friends.


P.S. Please forward this to anyone you know who would like to support this cause.

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Going back to school

All summer long we had a roommate, moms son was home from college, I guess that means he is my brother. OK so all summer long my human brother has been living with us. I like him, he plays ball with me, and gives me treats, he like to cuddle and watch TV with me. He took care of me and the terrorists when mom went away for a couple days, boy I am sure glad she came back!

Yesterday I noticed he was packing up all his clothes, and also filling boxes with his blankets. He packed all his bathrroms things and even some food out of the pantry! I overhead him talking to mom, and he is leaving tomorrow to go back to school. His school is far away and he lives there.

This makes me sad. I wonder when he will be coming home again? I hope mom pays extra good attention to me now that I am sad. Maybe I will get more treats, even though I don’t feel like eating them. *sigh*

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