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Sunday Awards Show

Thanks to my very good friend Dennis the Viszla I am able to keep my Awards Show going.   He is the only one giving me awards any more, and if he stops, well if will be like those Star Trek re-runs.  He is having trouble getting guest hosts for his show.  Maybe I should offer my services as a guest host!

Anyhow my first award is called the Circle of Friends Award!  I need to give this to some of my oldest blogging friends! Dennis is also one of my oldest blog buddies, but since he gave me the award I can’t give it back!

My next awrd is also from Dennis, thanks Dennis!  This award is supposed to be awarded to 12 of your friends.  Its the sunshine award!

Roscoe and Daisy signing off!

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Wordless Wednesday – Kisses!

Don't tell Dozer OK?

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This week we bring you the Sunday Awards show, now Dennis the Vizsla has been having guest hosts every week since the smurf left, some of them are pretty weird.  I prefer to run my own show!

Our first award is a custom one made by none other than the Purple Hatter just for me, thats why my name is on it! 

We are not sure who loud mouth Louise is but we are pretty sure that this award should go to doggies or kitties who wear hats or who have loud mouths!

First I would like to give this award to

The next award is from Dennis, thank you Dennis!!  I would like to pass this award out to:

Well thats it for the Sunday awards show!  Here is a picture of me just so you don’t forget what I look like.


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Pits and Perception

I just wanted to tell you about wher mom is gong tonight! I can’t go of course, but she promised to take pictures and tell me all about it! 

If you live in the Los Angeles area here is the information, the opening reception is tonight, and the exhibit will be here for a month!

Pits and Perception
paintings By Cyrus Mejía
at Artology 101
3108 Glendale Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90039
February 20 – March 18, 2010

Opening Reception Saturday February 20, 4 – 7pm.
(Gallery will be open until 10pm.)

Cyrus Mejía, contemporary artist, is co-founder of Best Friends Animal Society.
In this series of paintings Mejía is challenging current-day perceptions of Pit Bulls by depicting them close-up, and inviting viewers to question how they look at, see and perceive these dogs.

Art can present us with a different view, a new perspective, another way of thinking about things. In this series of paintings of the Vicktory Dogs I’m challenging current-day perceptions of Pit Bulls by depicting them close-up, and inviting the viewer to question how they look at, see and perceive these dogs.

Pit bulls and other so called “bully breeds” account for a large percentage of animals being destroyed in shelters every day. This fear-response to their reputation as vicious killers is being driven by the image of Pit Bulls in the media. Dog fighting is a sad reality, but it’s humans who put dogs in a ring to fight. It’s humans who use violence and torture to make these dogs the symbol of their own aggression. The Vicktory Dogs are poster children for this minority of dogs who themselves are victims.

The Vicktory Dog Paintings were made possible in part by a grant from the Culture & Animals Foundation.

Pits and Perception was made possible by a grant from the Culture & Animals Foundation.

Gallery hours: Tuesday – Sunday 11am – 5pm 323-644-0101

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Wordless Wednesday – Bunkbed

Top or Bottom?

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Happy Valentines Day Dozer

Well I am putting off our Sunday Awards show until tomorrow because today is Valentines Day!!  And so I am doing a special post just for my favorite valentine Dozer. And yes my BPBFF  Dozer did not forget his favorite Valentine, ME!  Dozer sent me a big box and guess what was inside? 


Yes a Valentine, a box of cookies, since dogs can’t eat chocolates and a pink snakey!  The pink snakey likes to wrap around my neck, I am pretending its Dozer giving me a hug (blush). 


Thank you Dozer you are the best Valentines ever! 

Lets eat!

Hey Mom lets open these cookies up and try some! 


These are delicious, I wish Dozer was here to share some with me….. 


Oh this snakey smells like……Dozer! 

Pitter Patter

I am going to spend my Valentines Day dreaming of my BPBFF Dozer….. My one and only true love!

Happy Valentines Day! 


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Walkies for Everyone!

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