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Winnie’s Wish

My friend over at Dogs and Cats is trying to place some of her rescued kitties!  She has done some amazing rescues and has a full house.  She named this effort in memory of a wonderful little kitty who she rescued name Winnie

If you can find it in your hearts and your home to adopt one of thse babies, please contact her at c3k@lazernetwireless.net .  She has a full house and in order to continue to help other kitties she needs to find some homes.  She can arrange transport, thanks to a wonderful network of kitty lovers, almost anywhere in the US! 

Click here to read more about Winnies Wish and see all the babies that are available.  Here is what Chrystal says…

Winnie seemed to touch so many hearts.  An offer was made to me by the Cat Blogosphere to do something special in Winnie’s name.  I have a small cathouse which is home to several rescued cats and kittens.  The cathouse can only accommodate a handful of kitties at a time.  This summer, we have taken in more kitties than we have placed.  There are too many cats in the cathouse which is not good for any of them.  So we’ve decided on an adoption campaign.  We named this event Winnie’s Wish because Winnie wished for a forever home.  And the cats in our cathouse (who would have been Winnie’s housemates) also wish for forever homes.  The mission here is to get as many of these rescued sweethearts into loving homes as possible.  Please help us get these babies placed.  We can’t take in any more needy kitties until homes are found for some of these

Please spread the word on your blogs!! She just rescued a litter of tiny ferals that all need homes too!

This important message has been brought to you by:


Please adopt a kitty!


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Catching some ZZZzzzZZZ’s

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Congratulations to Bobo Meja nand their Mom Pam!!!  So just e-mail me you favorite charity and we will make the donation and e-mail you verification.  That was fun!  But nexttime we are doing a picture of ME!

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