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Well I wanted to show you what I got for Christmas.  I was very smart and went under the tree Christmas morning and sniffed all the presents until I found mine!  I decided to open it before everyone else arrived for breakfast, so here is me in action!




Here is the toy trying to escape from the wrapping, which I have not fully destroyed!


Oh look a kong thing with a rope!  Huh?  this looks like it might be fun!  But not as fun as Sprockets present, a giant bone.  Hey mom why couldn’t I get the giant bone? 


Oh, mom says that she is afraid it might be an exploding bone, and I could get hurt!  Well what about Sprocket then?  Oh, he is wearing his bullet proof vest that will protect him from exploding bones!


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Waiting for Santa


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A Correction

Unfortunately after closely reading the Milk Bone snacky box I have realized that the colorful milk bones of which I did a scientific experiment are not the flavors I thought! 


I think that the Milk Bones people who make the boxes should have to reformulate the flavors!  Roscoe is very mad that the greens ones he thought were minty are vegetable!  Vegetable!  YUK!  And the burger flavor ones are really peanut butter?  What! I was sure I tasted sirloin, not skippy! And the pink ones are bacon? Not MEAT! Well that’s what happens when you eat junk food and finally read the label, you can get grossed out.


Well as you can see this is a big dissapointment and my scientific experiement has probably been invalidated, so I guess I will have to just ask mom to start buying chicken strips once again (sorry Peepers)!

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Great News

Mom wanted me to let all of you out there that are worried about dog breeders, like she is, that this announcement is good news !

The BBC says it will not broadcast the Crufts Dog Show

(the British equivalent of the American Kennel Club’s Westminster Dog Show) next year, a decision based on the findings of a BBC documentary that suggested many purebreds suffer major health problems as a result of breeding practices designed to produce show-winning dogs. 

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No, this is not a picture of me trying to get the buggers out of my nose with my tongue, and I am not doing an anteater imitation, I don’t even like ants! This is a picture of me after I ate one of my new favorite treats!  They are those multi colored milk bones. You know the ones that come in the pretty colors which are good flavors too!


We was wondering if the Milk Bone people gave us equal amounts of all flavors and so did a scientific experiment to see.  As you can see we scientifically lined up all the Milk Bones.  Well it looks as if they shorted us on the green flavored ones and the white flavored ones, and really shorted us on the brown ones! 

The pink flavored ones, which are Sprockets favorite are flavored like meat, that is why they are pink, the brown ones are hamburger flavored! Yum my favorite, and as you can see we got the absolute least amounts of these!   Roscoe favorites are the green ones, he says they are minty fresh!  We told mom she can have the white ones and the tan ones which are milk and chicken flavored.

Whats your favorite?




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I don’t understand why mom put this bow on my butt!  At least she didn’t try and put antlers on me! 



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We have been neglecting this blog!  And we got all these awards and such that we have to talk about.  First we got the “Kreativ Blogger” award from Dennis the Viszla dog.  It is very pretty and has some of my favorite colors, pink!


As part of this award I have to name 6 things that make me happy. 

  • Getting to sleep in the bed bed
  • Getting treats
  • Going for walkiies with mom all by myself
  • Playing kong ball until my tongue hangs out
  • Chewing my nylabone
  • Reading about Dennis’s adventures

I also have to give the award out to 6 of my blogging buddies.

Next on the agenda is another award that was giving to us by Mina and Celeste,  this is a beautiful award too and we are very proud to receive it!  thank you !


Oh and one more thing, Dozer also tagged us for the 8X8 meme, but since we already did it we just want to say thank you to Dozer for always rememebring us!  WUFF!


So now you can look at my very cute face!

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