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Too Darn CUTE!!!

Oh HAI everybody!!! My Name is MOUSE!! (in a very high pitched voice).  I thought I would join the Mango Minister contest because everyone who meets me say I am too Darn Cute!! And always wants to pick me up, which is just fine by me!

I came to live with Pink Daisy a little over a year ago. This is what I looked like when mom brought me home, I wasn’t exactly cute. She was thinking of calling me Gary. What can you believe it? Naming me after a snail?

Just rescued from living in the park

I was pretty skinny, so don’t worry if you don’t want to SQUEEE just yet!  Fortunately she realized that I was tiny  and as squeaky as a little mouse, and thus I got my name!  I couldn’t find my voice for several weeks, I would just squeak. But then one day I found my voice and my favorite sleeping spot! So now I can tell mom what I want! BARK!

This bed is a bit big!

Well I have several spots I like to sleep. Sometimes I share my spots. I especially like the sun!

Hai Daisy nice sun spot!

Please don't fart Roscoe!!!

Kittehs are warm and fuzzy

By the way, Milk the Kitteh runner up for best in show and winner of the peoples choice and Kitteh award last year talked me into this! He is my Kitteh hero! Even though he is huge compared to me!

Milk you can't fit in this Mousepad!

I finally found the softest spot for a nap!

This one is just right!

Are you having a SQUEE moment yet???

Couch potatoes

Daisy and I became fast friends and decided that since we both are the type of dogs that are found the most in shelters (in California), and both of us came off the streets, we decided that we needed to create awareness of the overpopulation of pit bulls and chiwawas and remind people to spay and neuter! We post a lot of pictures on the Facebook page Pitbulls and Chihuahuas to show everyone how easy it is to get along!

Sharing the Mousepad

Roscoe is a cool guy like me and we often share my Mouse pad! Mom calls my bed my Mousepad cuz it really is my pad, and well I am a Mouse!

SQUEE moment?

Oh and I almost forgot to tell you I can smile!!

When your smiling the whole world smiles with you!

I have a lot to smile about since I found my forever home! And my favorite stuffie!!

Piglet we are almost the same size!

Well I hope that you have enjoyed getting to know adorable me! And if you haven’t had a SQUEEE moment yet here are a few more pictures!!

Um, Daisy you are not supposed to be on the couch.....

Bandana? Make it a skirt! Even though I am a boy!

Three Mousekateers!

Do I look like a diet coke?

SQUEEE for sure 🙂

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Oh Hai!

Oh Hai! You are on the floor too?

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New Years Resolutions

Happy New Year!

Our New Years resolutions include hanging out together more, visiting your blogggy’s more and posting more interesting stuff, because we are sure you get tired of just seeing pictures of us, right?


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