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That's for boy doggies!

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My Tail

As you all may remember a while back I had to have my tail amputated because of an awful battle with Happy Tail. Mom was very concerned about how well my tail would heal.  Well I wanted to show everyone how nice it looks!  Its all healed and still works really well, as I can still waggle and wiggle even better than before!

"Hey Daisy, get your but outta our face!"

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Biscuit focus!

Is that a treat for me?

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Three Muskateers


Look at the camera!! WHAT CAMERA?

Well, it seems that you are always seeing pictures of our friends lately. So here is a picture of the 3 of us!  On walks of course!


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Where is Mousie?

Can you find him?

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Talking Tuesday

Mouse, Roscoe and friend Farley are having an intense discussion.  I wonder what it is about??

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Wordless Wednesday

Oh Hello!

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