Catching UP

Wow. Its been since June that I have said hello to everyone on my blog.  I guess facebark and instagram have taken a lot of doggies away from blogging. Thats not my excuse, I don’t think it is anyway.

We wanted to ask out furiends out there if anyone has had any experience with bladder stones? Roscoe had a big surgery about a week ago and they took 12 stones out of his bladder!! He will be on a new diet too, as they tested the stones and they are calcium oxiate. So he will be on a low protein diet of wet food.  Lucky guy, wet food yum. You can see his pain patch in this picture. He was a little stoned.


He was in the hospital for 3 days, and wasn’t himself for a couple more days, but he is now back to his rascally self stealing my nylabones every chance he can get!!

Here we are yesterday going on a walkies with our friend Tess.  I think Roscoe likes her, as you can see he is feeling lots better.


New Bowl!!

Hi everyone!!  I know I have not been very good about, um blogging lately. But moms been busy and without her to help me with my spelling, well it just doesn’t work!

I wanted to share a very cool present that I was sent by a lovely lady named Sarah!  She works for a very cool company called Red Envelope, now mom has loved this online store for many years, they have really cool stuff. But guess what??  Now they have a whole section of stuff for pets!!! That’s right and you can see them all here!!

photo2As you can see from this picture there is a small bowl next to me, it’s not very girly and it way to small for all my noms.  But guess what I am looking at???


This!!! My brand new personalized girly bowl with all my noms!!!  Isn’t it just beautiful?  It’s pink and matches me!! Mom says its easy to clean, and dishwasher safe and a perfect size and highly recommends their products.  If you want to order one just like it, but with your name and favorite color you can do it here.

And after eating all those noms from that very pretty bowl, I am just so sleepy I needed to take a nap.


Thank you Sarah and Red Envelope!

On the Trail Tuesday

Here we go on our way to go for a hike!

photo copy


Heading towards the trail….

photo copy 2

This is almost as much fun as the parky!


Ok, stick together and keep an eye out for snakes!

Hanging out



Just me and my pal Mouse hanging out.

My Kitteh



I have my very own kitteh, her name is Tweet.



She loves me…

Wordless Walkies








Where have you been?

I guess all my friends in blog land are wondering if I completely have left the blog sphere???  Well I haven’t but it seems mama has.  She says she is busy. We missed Christmas and New Years, and moms birthday and Valentines Day and well most of all we missed YOU! Our friends!



Well this was my Christmas picture. So Merry Belated Christmas!


This is when it snowed inside after Christmas on my new bed.


This is me and the boys celebrating moms birthday!


Oh, and last but not least this is me getting caught on the COUCH! I am not allowed there, much……

So now that we are all caught up Mom promises not to forget and be to busy.  So glad we are back, because I missed all my friends!!!


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